sustainable MakeOver 


A makeover

A makeover designed to help woman identify the best fitting hair and makeup styles, ethical fashion and sustainable products for them. A carefully designed approach to creating sustainability in your beauty regime and your overall lifestyle. All encapsulated in a 6 week course. Available 1-to-1 in Byron Bay at your own home.


You’ll Learn

- About styles you love and styles that work best for you

- Minimalistic hair + makeup techniques and looks specific to you - that are easily achieved

- Ways to consume less and shop in a more sustainable way for you and for the planet

- Techniques to get the most out of the products you already own

- Lots of other sustainable living ideas for your lifestyle


Krystle’s Notes

“I created this service, because once upon a time, THIS was exactly what I wished to hire someone for. To show me the ins and outs of beauty for me. To personalise things specifically for me. For my face and my lifestyle needs. I wanted someone to look at all of the beauty products I owned and to show me how to use those. This service is a 1 to 1 makeover that takes place in your home or over a course of online sessions. It's a make over on your entire beauty department (at home) and a way for you to learn sustainable makeup and hair styles that fit effortlessly into your life. No-more second guessing your style, skin care choices or makeup techniques, life is too short. Lets get you feeling confident, excited and shiny. “


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