clean beauty, slow fashion & sustainable living


Krystle Rose

A natural hair and makeup artist, passionate about clean and holistic beauty, slow fashion, less consumerism, human connection, connection to self, living lighter, sustainable living, climate change, living in sovereignty, living in gratitude and so much more.

With a creative, high fashion, e-commerce and bridal background locally and internationally, Krystle has a variety of experience in the material world but found herself seeking depth, nature and what she is really here for.

Now, Krystle is primarily working alongside ethical & sustainable purpose driven brands and organisations that are based on transparency, honesty and making a difference and an impact on the planet for the better. Krystle could be described as a free-living, truth seeking leader, with a vision to create a new mentality around how we value ourselves, around what we buy and what beauty really means to us.


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