Krystle Rose Image by Shannon Serrao

hello beauties,

krystle rose here, an eco hair + makeup artist in awe of true natural beauty, organic skincare, toxin free makeup but mostly, the essence that lives within us all and all around us naturally, in nature. when I think “beauty” I also think high vibrational health of the mind, body and soul, so as well as providing you with our hair + makeup service (mainly in Byron Bay), my beauty coaching services (online) we also want to provide you with quality blogposts: natural beauty + sustainable fashion & lifestyle related.

face alchemy was created with ethics, integrity and culture in mind, we are for all women and even men :) but also for our EARTH because things need to change.

we’re here to assist you achieve an effortless and minimal beauty lifestyle because just buying more stuff was never the answer. we all have too much stuff, what we need is more joy.

and hey, we may work together one day- we may not, but mostly i just hope to inspire.

krystle x