Empowered women, empower women.

It's easy to forget that we are all really in this beautiful thing called 'life' together. It's easy to fall back into those old negative thought patterns of comparing ourselves, our bodies, our beauty and our lives to others.

 The ironic thing is we often share the same outlooks and vision, we have a similar story or a similar message to share and when we are around other women like this, that are striving for the change and in their way, fighting for the peace in the world, we begin to care.

Our heart opens and fills with compassion, uncovering inner bravery and strength we never knew we had, because we want to see others succeed, because we're on the same team. It's in this moment where we discover we are not alone, and we realize others share the same values and that our stories do matter and certainly are heard!

Empowering others is a choice that you always have in your heart and leads the path to your own empowerment.

Empowered Woman
Krystle RoseComment