Inside Out

Beauty in all aspects of life really does begin within. 2016 has revealed to us that health and wellness is a top priority and is very much connected to living the life we love and living it with authenticity.

Sometimes our physical body and psyche need to detox, heal and rejuvenate and when this happens, we need to listen.

This year, let's aim to make more conscious choices around food and nutrient consumption and cut out what is not serving us. For a while maybe try to avoid alcohol, or give up late night scrolling on your device, it's time.

It's time to commit to healing practices that the mind, body and spirit all love, like; Meditation, Yoga, Qigong or Tai-chi or even just walking along a beach with the intent to simply relax and enjoy the touch of sand under your feet.

It's time to respect and love our bodies, from the inside out.

Krystle RoseComment