Lets Talk Sugar...

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I think it’s pretty well known that sugar can be used in many different ways to create DIY natural beauty products, but did you know, that sugar can also be used as a holistic beauty practice to naturally remove unwanted body or face hair? Sounds sticky right? Well it is! And it’s called SUGAR-ING. It’s an ancient hair removal technique, considered to be an art form, (wow) that was used by the Egyptians back 2000 years ago, which I find very interesting. 

The sugar paste itself is made up of lemon, sugar and water, therefore it’s a chemical and irritant free formula which is also vegan and gentle enough to be used on skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It’s applied to the skin as a thick paste in a similar technique to that of waxing, however when sugaring, the hair is removed from the direction that it grows thus reducing hair growth more efficiently and almost completely eliminating ingrown hairs.

At the beginning of the year, after a long stint of laser and shaving, I was just a bit over keeping up with the maintenance of hair removal and in hope of saving time I began to wax again. I was moving to Byron Bay, would be in and out of the ocean and I knew I’d be wearing less layers so I didn’t want be shaving my legs every few days. I was doing underarm, half leg and bikini line but unfortunately I could not wax my brows. If I did, I’d have welts, SURROUNDING my brows. Sounds dramatic, but believe me it was stingy and itchy and VERY unpleasant!! My underarms and legs were sensitive to waxing also and this one time, I went for an ocean swim a few days after waxing and OH MY GOSH it stung something terrible! Luckily, my sister told me about sugaring and I’m so glad she did. I looked it up here in Byron Bay and found Sugar Mama Byron Bay and I also found Nature’s Energy in Sydney.

On my first visit to Sugar Mama, my leg hairs were pretty long :)) I had left them to grow for about 6 weeks, (was not easy and I was committed). I didn’t want to disrupt the growth I had already started to work on with waxing and so I was a bit nervous as I knew this meant it could be a painful and I will not lie, it was painful, BUT on my second visit 1 month later, I had a lot less hair and I hardly felt a thing. I was able to have my brows done also and there was absolutely no after affect, unlike traditional waxing!

So there you go, thats my experience.

For me the best three things about Sugaring are:

  • I am left pain free, without stinging or burning sensations, unlike traditional hot waxing

  • I’m not worried about burns, skin damage, or ripping any layers of skin

  • I’m not at risk of in-grown hairs

  • As a direct result i’m seeing way less hair growth and my skin is left super soft and irritation free. 

For me Sugaring Waxing is a YES. I absolutely love it, adding it to my sweet little book of “holistic beauty treatments” and there’s no looking back!

So if you’ve been struggling with effective hair removal or just want to find a softer approach to maintaining hair growth, give sugaring waxing a go.

I hope this blogpost was helpful to you in some way and if you have any other holistic beauty questions hit me up for a complimentary 15 mins beauty session when you quote this blog post. Get in touch through my contact page!

Lots of Love, 

Krystle Rose