Personalised Beauty Consulting

The word "Beauty" means different things to different people. Some may identify with the word through makeup and styling products but for us when we talk about beauty, we refer holistically to your natural beauty INSIDE and OUT. Your Beauty will stem from your well-being and self care practises, so we aim to help you identify areas in your life where you could perhaps improve your skin health and overall vitality and appearance.

As every woman is unique and has a different lifestyle to the next, we offer our personalised beauty coaching services in a few different ways.

Private Online Coaching: The goal of online coaching is to bring you back to your ultimate radiating beautiful self through regular one on one hour long sessions with founder Krystle Rose. The sessions will be specifically designed around your personal lifestyle, needs and desires and are made up of dynamic content and recommendations that will encourage you to try new treatments, techniques and experiences. 

1 hr sessions $140

3 x 1 hr sessions $390

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Personalised Styling: Our in home style sessions are curated to empower woman and save them time by creating efficiency in your beauty regime and in your morning. The pressure related to appearances today is huge and staying up to date with 'new trends' and new products can be overwhelming, confusing and can lead us to over-purchasing on products that we don't actually need. For this service we have 3 different packages to choose from. At the end result you'll have a selection of go to incredible beauty looks specifically for you and a wellbeing + style plan to move forward with and incorporate into your daily world.


Beauty Base (Full DAy) $600

The best place to begin on your journey to increased wellbeing, vitality and a glow that shines beyond. This day is a complete beauty makeup over that extends beyond the surface. We will integrate beauty and wellbeing seamlessly into your life.

  • A rundown of your lifestyle
  • Style & product analysis
  • Strategic planning for your beauty rituals
  • Hair & makeup lesson
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Personal Branding with Beauty (1.5 days) $1000

The ultimate choice for those wanting to invest time cultivating personal style or branding.

  • A visionary brainstorm
  • Thorough style analysis
  • Product + makeup bag analysis
  • Collate beauty looks for upcoming events
  • Personal BEAUTY shopper session

Custom Made Beauty (Half Day) $350

 It's up to you how you'd like to design this day. It could just be learning a bunch of different makeup looks for your Instagram or a day of learning how to achieve the perfect blow-dry or use a straightening iron. We also offer an online and in-person personal shopper experience to show you where to buy all the best products.

  • Makeup lesson
  • Hair lesson
  • Makeup bag detox
  • Personal shopping